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Now available for digital download only!

12 musical tracks recorded live at our February 2011"acoustic" concert at the Williamsburg Regional Library.
Plus 2 bonus "spoken word" tracks not available anywhere else.

Featuring Coyote Run band members:

David Doersch
Catherine Hauke
Michael Kazalski
Chelle Fulk
Daniel Nelson

Now available for digital download only!

18 tracks recorded live at our concerts at the Kimball Theatre in Williamsburg during 2011.

Featuring Coyote Run band members:

David Doersch
Catherine Hauke
Michael Kazalski
Chelle Fulk

And featuring guest artists:
Craig Olson (6 tracks)
Rowan Corbett (12 tracks)

This is a fun, rollicking, imperfect and very enjoyable recording of many songs that are not available on any other recording.

Photo: Kelly J. Mihalcoe, Photographer, LLC.

All Good Things Must Come to an End.

And so it is for Coyote Run, too. After twelve wonderful years of touring, playing festivals, concert halls, conventions and performing in front of countless thousands of wonderful audience members, we've decided to hang it up. Coyote Run will be finishing our performances this July. So, don't wait to catch us. Don't put it off. We have only a handful of performances left and we hope to see everyone on our list and get a chance to say goodbye and thanks. We feel enormously privileged to have had the opportunity to entertain you all these years.

People regularly ask us if we're going to release one last CD before we go to try to capture some of the new music and the sound of the current lineup. Well...not exactly a CD. But we are going to be releasing a live recording of our final Christmas Tour, available for digital download only. Details will be forthcoming so stay tuned!

Thanks for all of the wonderful memories, my friends.


A powerful and compelling blend of Celtic legend, literature and song.

"Coyote Run is one of the hottest bands on the Celtic music circuit today"

- Louise Dunphy
Entertainment Coordinator, Celebration of Celts
Host of WMUA's Celtic Crossing, Amherst, MA

"Imagine Jethro Tull on Broadway and you start to get the picture."

- Sam McDonald, Daily Press, Virginia

Coyote Run bends all preconceived notions of Celtic Rock. Roots, Celtic folk, jazz, latin, rock opera: check all or none. Their sound is at once fierce, dramatic and stunning. Over the years it has grown wild, organically and perennially. Complex yet purely infectious arrangements include combinations of keyboards, drums, bass, bagpipes, guitar, whistle, accordion, vibraphone, percussion, trombone, and fiddle. Add layers of pitch-perfect vocal harmonies and literate story-rich lyrics. The sound is singularly Coyote Run. They are a wild breed unto themselves: bold, sexy and intellectual.

Bagpipes, guitars, accordion, whistles, didgeridoo, electric bass, killer drums, and much more greet the audience at a Coyote Run concert. Something in the alchemical mix of players and their unique backgrounds creates a seamless, adrenaline filled show that never lets up. From the growling, rhythmic screams of the didgeridoo, to the rich, polyrhythm of the drums, to the monstrous and intricate bass lines, the wailing lead guitar, the filigree of the accordion, the triumph of the bagpipes and the lyrical whimsy of the whistles, this is a band that is unlike any other and is not soon forgotten.

"Coyote Run blends a marvelously eclectic Celt setlist with their ancient earthy vibe for a lavish musical feast of harmony and rhythm. But their hidden talent is holding an enthusiastic crowd with their perfect a capella when the rain comes down and the power goes out. I call em the Earth Mamas & Papas!"

- Kyf Brewer, lead singer and founder, Barleyjuice

Words don't really adequately describe the Coyote Run experience. With grandiose story telling, scintillating rhythms, wicked banter, and glorious melodies, Coyote Run has been at the forefront of the Celtic Rock genre for over a decade. from recent performances.

Kimball1 Kimball2
Kimball3 Michael_Chelle1
Kimball5 Kimball6



Here's a sample of five Coyote Run songs. The first two are from our 2011 release, "10 1/2" and three are from our ten year retrospective that was released in 2010. These songs present a good sampling of our current sound and we thought you might enjoy a little further insight into our process and how these songs came about.

Beltane Fires
words and music David Doersch, ©2011 Coyote Run

Beltane, May Day, the ancient Celtic celebration of Spring and Fertility! This song is the first track on our latest CD, "10 1/2." Besides being inspired by countless maypoles that I've danced with my family and community over the years, I also found great inspiration in the Marion Zimmer Bradley novel, The Mists of Avalon. If you haven't read the book, I strongly recommend it, and don't want to give away any of the details as the Beltane scenes are pivotal and quite compelling. But I will say that when you read it, you can easily imagine the horns announcing the ceremony, the drums sounding through the woods, the chanting of the names of ancient Celtic Gods, and the exuberance and excitement of the Hunt! Beltane Fires is an effort to evoke the ancient mysteries and remind us of the timelessness and universality of the Joy of Love.

Battle of the Kings
words and music David Doersch, ©2011 Coyote Run

There is an ancient Celtic legend telling of the twice yearly battle between the waxing and the waning energies of nature. Each solstice (summer and winter) night, deep in the forests, far from the prying eyes of humans, two ‘Kings of Old, in Green and Gold’ meet and battle for dominance in the world for the coming half year. The forces of growth, summer and health are symbolized by the golden persona of the Oak King, while the forces of waning, winter and the harvest are symbolized by the deep green character of the Holly King. I originally intended this song to be a heavy, dramatic piece, rich with bagpipes and a very celtic sound. However, once I'd written the text, it just screamed ‘Swing!’ No matter how I tried to steer this song into a different genre, the Swing sound just would not surrender its hold on these lyrics. I finally surrendered to the tyranny of the Muse, and the result is here. During production, I tasked Michael with coming up with a horn part idiomatic to the style. He far surpassed my hopes, and the piece really came alive after that. This has become one of my absolute favorite songs!

a medley consisting of Down to Old Maui, traditional, Bonny Ship the Diamond, traditional and The Last Leviathan, Andy Barnes, ©2008 Coyote Run

This is a huge audience favorite in that we've taken a favorite a cappella whaling song and combined it with two other songs that are thematically linked. Bonny Ship the Diamond is an enormously popular traditional song that sings of the financial hope that the new whaling season will bring to a small Scottish village. The Last Leviathan provides the emotional punch in this song, speaking from the whale's perspective as it is dying. This song regularly yields one of our most enthusiastic audience responses.

words and music David Doersch, ©2007 Coyote Run

I wrote this song for two tremendous women in my life. I have always been captivated by the mythic archetype of Il Matto, The Fool. An archetype that exists in cultures the world over - The Fool, Arlequin, Coyote, Loki, Jackal, Hermes, Rabbit, and countless others. One of the many lessons that The Fool teaches us, is to not look too carefully or too long before we leap. Jump into the arms of the unknown, bound headfirst and boldly into our dreams. The Universe will catch us and take care of us. Without a leap of faith, you'll never get off the cliff. Of course, I have also always found the paintings of Michael Parkes deeply inspirational. This song was inspired by a combination of all of these things. A whiff of archetype, a snatch of flying juggler, and a dollop of two amazing women.

Oak and Ash and Thorn
words by Rudyard Kipling, music traditional

I've known and listened to the traditional version of this song for over 20 years, and always loved the words and the melody. Of course, the traditional feel of the song is slow, lilting and quaint. We've been performing some version of this song since 2001, but this latest version has exploded with Paul playing a blazing fiddle solo that has the crowds screaming midway through. This is one of those wonderfully rich pieces that just keeps growing and being reborn each time someone new puts their hand to it. I love watching what each new musician does with this song, standing on the shoulders of those who came before and I never grow tired of it. I enjoy it so much, that I decided we had to make a music video of this version. If you haven't seen that yet, take a moment and hop over to the video portion of this page and check it out!

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"Coyote Run is one of the hottest bands on the Celtic music circuit today"

- Louise Dunphy, Entertainment Coordinator, Celebration of Celts
Host of WMUA's Celtic Crossing, Amherst, MA

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